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Cal's Journal O' Fun

It's all about obsession

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17 January
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Ah shit. My life is too boring to fill this. I live just outside of Boston. I love all TV, Movies and any entertainment gossip I can get my greedy hands on. I have a healthy, obsessive addiction to all things Buffy and I am aware that I am way too old for my unhealthy addiction to Degrassi. I also think Arrested Development is the funniest show to come along in YEARS and I spend way too much time thinking about the Bluths. I'm most definitely older than you and am eternally stuck in the 80's - I love the music, the movies, just everything about the 80's. I've also been a big James Dean fan since I was a wee one of 12. And I plan on having a sordid affair with Cillian Murphy the first chance I can get. Also, on August 11, 2004 I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. As of today, I have lost 170lbs!
Here's what everyone else says about me!

Cal is wonderfully diverse in her loves and likes with, television, movies and, well, everything else. She's also not the person you'd want to not like you or your show or your band or... anything really. All fear the Wrath of Cal. - mrbig1316

Cal will deliver a sound and appropriate smackdown to those foolish enough to incur her wrath. However, you won't find a more loyal, loving friend. She's gifted that way. - sunbrae

She's a fangirl with a wicked accent. - certainthings

Admirer of hot, teenaged ass. - alero

Cal is one of the sweetest, smartest, and most entertaining people on LJ. She's like the hip and world-wise older sister I always wanted. - spazatron

Just call her the Weird Sister of Prime Rib. Fangirls and hobbits, PHEAR HER WRATH! - queenofdenile

Adores her family. And TV. - shadowlass

Arrested Development Jeopardy...
Q: Who is Will Arnett thinking about when he's filming his pantless Gob scenes?
- mskakaako

Cal thinks Dominic Monaghan is a fugly little troll and doesn't give a rat's ass if you hate her for that. Cal also wonders why the HELL you aren't watching Arrested Development? - adjrun

The blockbuster of the season is here! Critics rave about "CALTRASK"!

--- "Stylishly witty! I laughed until I cried!" (Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE)
--- "A must see!" (Roger Ebert, CHICAGO SUN TIMES)
--- "Watch out internet! You may have met your match in the feisty CALTRASK!" (Lisa Schwarzbaum, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY)
- mrbnatural

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